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Nirvana Memorial Park, Klang

The 220-acre Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) distinguishes itself from others with the presence of red and yellow earth, two auspicious characteristics that symbolise prosperity from the perspective of Feng Shui.

The land is filled with vibrant Qi which denotes life. Its picturesque landscape and transquility gives it further distinction, making it an ideal final resting place. The memorial park presents a harmonious setup that invigorates all within. It is indeed the ideal place that brings peace to all who find eternal rest here while ushering in generations of prosperity for descendants.

Exploring Nirvana Memorial Park Klang

Superb Feng Shui to usher Generations of Prosperity

Nirvana Memorial park (Klang) is surrounded by lush rolling hills with waterways in the front, and supported by genle mountains and protexted by strong Green Dragon and White Tiger embraces on both sides, making it a tryly ideal memorial park blessed with excellent Feng Shui. The overall layout of the park is characterised by auspicious directions predominantly in the east, west, northeast and southeast to accommodate different personal requirements.



Nirvana Klang - Stupa

A Sacred Place with Added Blessing

An awe-inspiring stupa is erected in the middle of Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) to protect all the sentient beings.

In Buddhism, a Buddhist stupa serves as a marker for sacred space. It gathers all the divine blessings to add auspiciousness to its surroundings to lift the spirits of all sentient beings.

Four Faced Guanyin

Four-Faced Guanyin

Statue for Endless Blessing

The merciful Four-faced Guanyin statue stands majestically in the front portion of Three-deity Temple. Underneath the statue of the Goddess of Mercy is a flowing waterway that carries endless wisdom and wealth.

Every Guanyin statue represents a different significance. A Guanyin with a vase means endless blessing. The one holding Buddha beads represents mercy while a Guanyin with a lotus symbolizes peace. And the one with a mantra scroll implies wisdom.

Three-saints Temple

Three-saints Temple

Three-saints Temple with Divine Blessings

Standing majestically in the middle of the Three-saint Temple is a column filled with countless Buddha statues. The ceiling is crafted with many exquisite Buddha motifs to usher in more divine blesssings while the harmonious lighting connetes the presence of an auspicious dragon to guarding over its surroundings.


At Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang), we offer various types of products to choose from.

Royal Family Burial Plot

Nirvana Klang Royal Family Burial Plot

Family Burial Plot

Nirvana Klang Family Burial Plot

Single / Double Burial Plot

Nirvana Klang Single or Double Burial Plot

Christian Memorial Garden

Nirvana Klang Christian Memorial Garden


Nirvana Klang Columbarium

Ancestral Tablet(coming soon)

Nirvana Klang Ancestral Tablet

Map of Memorial Park Development

Nirvana Memorial Park Klang