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N. Memorial Park Semenyih

Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih is the largest memorial park in the world. It is strategically situated in Semenyih, Selangor with approximately 515 acres of land and only 25 minutes accessible via highways from Kuala Lumpur. Nirvana burial plots are recognized by Internationally acclaimed Fengshui masters as excellent geomancy sites which creating an atmosphere of peacefulness for the resting of the departed loved ones.

Nirvana Feng Shui is supported by hills and good contours as well as "Dragon" on its left and a "tiger" on its right, commanding an ideal setting geomancy. Pre-planning of burial plots and erection of pre-need tombs will help promote longevity and health, passing down blessing of prosperity upon posterity.

Nirvana Memorial park is featured with its outstanding landscaping, lush greenery and beautiful flora and has won numerous awards and recognition in both state and national levels. For the second time in Marh 2001, Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih won 1st prize, non-Muslim Religious Structure Category at the National Landspace Competition 2000, an event patronized by the Prime Minister YAB Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The awards speak volume for the overall quality landscaping in Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih.

Nirvana Memorial Park comes with integrated designs and a sustematic management ran by professional and it is adequately equipped with ample parking bays, spacious roads and other infrastructure that caters to prayer needs. The wide range burial products suit the needs of various non-muslim religiouns.

Also, Nirvana has set up the perpetual maintenance trust fund which to ensure the long-term maintenance of the park and customers only need to pay a one-and-for-all maintenance fee. The service provided by the fund included 24-hour security, maintenance of cleanliness and landscaping service.

Nirvana Memorial Park Semenyih

Exploring Nirvana Memorial Park

Excellent Feng Shui

Nirvana Memorial Garden shelters the charished energy of the universe(Ling Qi in Chinese) that is resonant of the kindness and tranquility of this locale. This renders a perfect setting for the convergence of "easy wind" and "uplifting energy" as inspired by an ideal Feng Shui where all the good elements overwhelmingly are in place. This bears winess to a testament to ten distinctions of prosperity and nobility alongside five lucky stars, as Fengshui calls it.

Development Map

Map for Nirvana Memorial Park, Semenyih