Nirvana Asia Ltd

Nirvana Life Plan(NLP)

With our unrivalled professionalism and expertise, we provide a comprehensive suite of funeral services to cater to the needs of different faiths and from all walks of life.


NV Harmony

Original(As Need): RM18,800

Pre-planning Price: RM15,800

Total Savings: RM3,000 + RM600


NV Elegant

Original(As Need): RM30,700

Pre-planning Price: RM23,500

Total Savings: RM7,200 + RM1,000


NV Honour

Original(As Need): RM43,700

Pre-planning Price: RM30,200

Total Savings: RM13,500 + RM1,300

Funeral Services

(Dedicated 24 Hours • 7 Days • Call Now)


2 nights service at home or at parlour, burial/ cremation (Buddhist/Taoist)

24-hour Careline for Consultation Prior to Demise
Embalmment Handling & Encoffinment Service
Reporting Death and Obtaining Burial Clearance / Permit
Securing Release of Remains
Decedent Care(Embalming/Dry Ice, Make Up)
Longevity Costume(1 Set)
(i) Burial: HV Harmony Burial Caasket(1 Unit) or
(ii) Cremation: NV Harmony Cremation Casket(1 Unit)
NV Harmony Urn(1 Unit), Cremation and Retriecal of Ashes
Buddhist Blanket(1 Set)
Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
Use of Canopy(1 Units x 16ft x 20ft) / Standard Parlour
  • Hanging Fan(4 Units)
  • Light(4 Units)
  • Table with tablecloth(8 Sets)
  • Plastic Chair(40 Units)
Use of Majestic Altar
Table Top Floral Decor and Casket Top Floral Tribute(1 Set)
Enlargement of Photograph
Decorated Photo Frame
Location Direction Placards and Lanterns
Mourning Garments(5 Sets)
Memorial Record Book
Use of Condolence Box
Coordination Of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony
Professional Consultant & Support Team(1 Team)
2 Nights Wake Service Worker(6pm - 12am, 1 Worker Per Night)
1 Night Buddhist/Taoist Prayer Service(3 Monks/Nuns)
Offerings To The Deceased 1 Set(Fruits and Vegetarian)
Joss Sticks and Prayer Materials(1 Set)
Professional Handcrafted Paper Model With Decorative Lights(1 Set)
Confectionery Gifts(40 Pieces)
Drinking Water(96 Cups)
Peanuts(20 Packages)
Funeral Procession Service
Sealing of Casket
Funeral Day Offerings To The Deceased 1 Set(Fruits and Vegetarian)
Son-in-Law Flag(1 Unit)
Service Team For Funeral Procession(1 Team)
NV Souvenir(40 Pieces)
▴ Use of Hearse(1 Unit, Single Trip)

Original(As Need):RM18,800
Pre-plannning Price:RM15,800
Total Savings:RM3,000 + RM600(Full Payment)

How to purchase?
The package is available to purchase by paying a full payment or by a repayment tenure by 36 months at zero interest.
Note: Package will be sold at original price for instant cases and no installment is available.

Downpayment: RM4,000
Monthly(1st till 35th month):RM328
Final Repayment: RM320

*Terms and conditions apply to all the packages above. Please contact us for more detailed information.