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Nirvana Eternal Blessing Light

Literally means 'Lamp of well wishes', which signifies light offerings in Buddhism. It is one of the important ways that Buddhisht devotees seek blessings from Lord Buddha in the form of good fortune, longevity, good luck, good health, peace and saefty for the entire family. In other words, the adoption of Eternal Blessing Light is to boost luck while dispelling evel spirits for the sake of achieving harmony, peace and safety for the entire family.

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The Blessing Lights

Wanfo Blessing Lights

"Light" symbolizes the light of wisdom and is one of the most important offerings in Buddhist temples.

In Zone B of Nirvana Centere Kuala Lumpur's Temple of the Three Saints, the newly launched Eternal Blessing Light is intricately designed with glorious brilliance. The Eternal Blessing Lights consist of Eternal Blessing Buddha, Eternal Blessing Guanyin and Wishing Candle, which are set up to symbolize inner light and the light of wisdom, conferring blessings of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to those who make offerings of light with good health and bright future.